Appraisal Review Suite

Our comprehensive data and analytics tools—GAAR®, Property Scan™, and QC Vigilance—give lenders and servicers the proven resources they need to ensure regulatory compliance, appraiser independence, and a competitive edge. The Appraisal Review Suite guarantees you transparency of collateral throughout the life of the loan.

  1. GAAR®

FNC’s Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules™ automate appraisal review utilizing three comprehensive rule sets. Its Compliance Rule Series reviews appraisals for regulatory and GSE compliance, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and USPAP. GAAR’s Risk Rule Series reviews appraisals according to industry best practices, helping lenders mitigate risk faster by focusing on the most problematic appraisals. GAAR also includes an external rules component which applies real market and property information to help decrease appraisal fraud.

  1. QC Vigilance

This Web-based quality control tool helps reviewers quickly gauge the quality of the appraisal backing a loan by thoroughly analyzing the comparables. The user compares the subject property and comparables listed on the appraisal to those found in the National Collateral Database™. QCV offers a value range, an interactive map plotting the subject and comps, and a thorough report.

  1. Property Scan™

Property Scan streamlines multiple data sources for the subject and comparables into one thorough analysis. This comprehensive report provides real property characteristics, legal description, sales history, county tax information, and recent and historical comparable sales as well as Distressed Sale indicators showing past, current, and pending foreclosure and other distressed sale activity in the area.

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