QC Vigilance (QCV)

Ideal for underwriters, reviewers, and quality assurance, quality control, or capital market groups, QC Vigilance helps you determine whether the appraiser selected the most appropriate comparables.

With a simple click, you can visually compare the appraiser’s selected comps to recent sales from the National Collateral Database™ (NCD) and confirm the comps’ existence and validity. The application maps the subject property, comps selected by the appraiser, other possible comps, and recent foreclosures. Because all properties are mapped, you’ll quickly see where comps are located in relation to the subject property.

QC Vigilance, which integrates with FNC’s CMS® or is accessible from a Web-based portal, ranks comparable properties into tiers according to distance from the subject property, age of sale, and similarity to the subject property’s physical characteristics. You can select the best comparables, using those suggested by the NCD or any originally selected by the appraiser. Once the selection has been made, QC Vigilance will automatically populate a reader-friendly review form.

QC Vigilance can help you answer the following questions:

  • Do the comps truly exist and are they the best choices?
  • Does the appraiser-supplied data reasonably comply with the NCD information?
  • Are the appraiser-selected comps really comparable to the subject?
  • Are there newer, closer comparable choices available from the NCD?
  • Are there newer, closer comparables that better represent the market as of the date of the appraisal?
  • Do the appraiser-selected comps produce a valuation significantly different or inflated compared to other available comparables?

QC Vigilance can also be used to help catch collateral fraud and to reduce kick-backs and time spent in rebuttal by ensuring the best comparables are selected before loans are submitted to capital markets and investors.

Let QC Vigilance help you ensure that the best comparables are selected every time.

  • Serves as a tool for QC Review
  • Shows subject and comps from the appraisal, recent sales and foreclosures
  • Creates grid for analysis
  • Produces report on results
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