FNC®’s Portfolio Analysis, Pre-Bid Spreadsheet, revolutionizes the bid tape by analyzing each listed property and providing invaluable data for the investor. FNC uses four different home and market indices to derive the best estimated value for the properties in your portfolio. Moreover, a Confidence Score assigned to each value gives you decision assistance at a glance. The report gains even more power with the addition of our market, value, and foreclosure indicators. Information is presented spreadsheet-style, so you can bid with confidence faster than ever.

Determining what a property is worth just got easier. FNC blends appraisal data from millions of properties with public record information to create our National Collateral Database™, giving you the freshest, most comprehensive property data available. FNC then appends the property data directly to your bid tape.

With FNC’s solutions, you’ll see the street address of RMBS properties right on your bid tape. Knowing the street address of properties in a portfolio means you’ll also have access to all the property data—its sale price, comparables, neighborhood characteristics, and trends in its local market.

Use this knowledge to review the subject property’s unique characteristics; evaluate the property’s comparables and its neighborhood; observe and forecast market trends; identify trends among distressed sales; and determine whether values are improving or declining.

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