Data Express

Use this data research tool to access the National Collateral Database for information on a subject property’s physical characteristics, details about comparable properties, and to view five years of the property’s transaction history. Users can also download property and plat maps into a Web-based report and save the data as an Adobe PDF or an AI Ready™ ENV file.

A comprehensive data coverage and interactive toolkit for appraisers, Data Express combines public record and real estate sales data with the gold standard of collateral—the appraisal itself.

FNC’s unrivaled National Collateral Database™ fuels Data Express, a research site combining appraisal data, public record, and real estate sales information into a supercharged analysis tool.

Use Data Express to easily access NCD information and use the data to automatically complete your appraisal forms. You can also retrieve the past five years of a property’s transaction history, download images into your reports, use extensive search filters, and generate, save, and print subject property and sales comp reports.

Data Express lets you:

  • Use appraisal and public record data for subject and comparable properties
  • Use location maps and plat maps for subject and comparables
  • Use sales transfer and transaction history for subject and comparables
  • Download or auto-populate subject and comparable data and maps into appraisal forms

Appraisers who use Data Express decrease their turn-times and increase their work capacity. Plus, they know the values they deliver and the data they use is backed by the gold standard of real estate valuation–the appraisal.

No one else but FNC delivers a data source backed by real-time appraisal data. Public record and real estate sales information simply aren’t enough on their own. FNC’s National Collateral Database blends those elements together for more accurate, timely valuation data than ever before.

Take the Data on the Road!

In addition to Data Express online, you can have access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive county property data in a handy printed format. Take the data with you for a convenient reference in the field, where you need it most.

Supported by FNC’s National Collateral Database™, formerly CMDC, California data has never been this accurate or complete. Each of these leading source books offers the most public record and blended data available.

Why Get the Book?

  • Enjoy up to 1,638 pieces of high-quality, current real estate sales, and appraisal information…per page!
  • Choose your area: county-specific single-family and residential income data, updated monthly or quarterly.
  • Access better data: property information derived from appraisal data.
  • Search for data without a hitch. Books are sorted for easy search by Thomas Brothers guides, city name or Census Tract (depending on county).
  • Create a permanent historical record and data reference for your county.
  • File them for an indisputable archive of comps to support your appraisal and forensic work now and in the future.

Additionally, you can support the accuracy and reliability of the information and receive a discount on your monthly data bill by contributing your appraisal reports directly to the database:

  • Up to 40 appraisals = 10% off
  • 41-99 appraisals = 15% off
  • 100-plus appraisals = 20% off
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